Hits and Misses (from the archive)




Below are the 'sub-collections', the online element of Fabienne Hess's project Hits and Misses (from the archive) The 'sub-collections' are groups of images from the University of Edinburgh's digital archive  brought together due to a shared formal characteristic. They will be uploaded here periodically throughout the period of the exhibition. Displayed at Talbot Rice Gallery are a large digitally printed silk fabric containing every available image from the University's archive – arranged without categorisation or hierarchy – and two monitors; one showing the images that have been viewed most frequently, the other showing a selection of the approximately 6,000 images that have never been accessed at all. Documentation can be seen here

From bottom to top: Pointers, Blanks, Errors, Fragiles, Marblings, Triangles, Thins, Red Dots, Zebras, Monochromes, CurvesBlues, BlobsPlease scroll down.